This is the most recent means of transport. Air transport was invented in the 20th century. One thing that sets aside air transport from other modes is that it does not require any specific track for operation.

Additionally, air transport has no barriers associated with other means of transport. Although air transport has to adhere to international law, political boundaries are immaterial when it comes to this transport mode. This is the fastest means of transport.

However, all these advantages do not come without a cost. The cost of operation in air transport is extremely high, which translates to high transport fees. Not all people can afford air transport, and it has become a reserve for the rich. Light and highly perishable goods are transported using this mode.

In advanced countries such as Germany and the United States, air transport puts up tough competition against railway transport.

Characteristics of Air Transport

Below are some of the characteristics that distinguish air transport from other modes of transports:

Unbroken Journey

Air transport offers an unbroken journey over sea and land. Once your flight has left its departure point, it will not be interrupted until it reaches its final destination.

It’s Fast

As mentioned earlier, air transport is the fastest among other means of transport. If you need to be somewhere on short notice, this is the ideal mode of transport.

It’s Expensive

Among all modes of transport, the air is the most expensive. This can be explained by the heavy investments made in purchasing and maintaining airplanes and constructing airports.

Requires Special Preparations

Some of these preparations include floodlights, wheelers links, searchlights, and meteorological stations. This also means that air transport required highly trained human resources.

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