Some of the advantages of air transport are:

  • You will reach your destination in no time, and your cargo will land in a matter of hours. The high speed is convenient for international businessmen and women.
  • Unlike in road and railway transport, there is no need to construct and maintain tracks. Airport construction is, however, necessary.
  • Due to the high strategic importance, airways are used for external and internal security.
  • It is convenient for transporting light and perishable goods over long distances.
  • Air transport is free from physical barriers such as buildings, mountains, valleys, and rivers.
  • It has proven to be useful for large-scale agriculture. Small aircraft are used for aerial spray operations to control insects and pests that attack crops.
  • During natural disasters such as famine, floods, earthquakes, and accidents, air transport relies on rescue operations.


The downsides of air transport are:

  • Transport by air is costly. The costs of operation are high, and the same is reflected in transport fees. The middle and lower classes cannot afford it.
  • Air transport is riskier because it is prone to accidents. Although plane accidents are rare, they are fatal when they do occur.
  • To run aviation facilities effectively, huge capital investments are required.

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