Like any other mode of transport, water transport has its share of advantages and disadvantages.


Low Maintenance Cost

Since the tracks in water transport are natural and free, there are no track maintenance costs associated with rail and road transport.

It is Affordable

Compared to other means of transport, water transport is relatively cheap.

Ideal for Moving Bulky Goods

Water transport is the preferred means of transport for moving bulky goods over long distances.

Useful in Times of Natural Calamities

During natural disasters such as floods, road and rail transport is inaccessible. Water and air transport become an alternative option for relief operations.

It’s Used for Defence

To improve a country’s naval defense, it becomes essential to develop the shipping sector.

Supports Foreign Trade

Water transport plays a vital role in facilitating international trade. Foreign trade in most countries depends on water transport.


Below are some of the downsides to water transport:

It is Slow

Water transport is the slowest among all other modes of transport. The speed of water transport depends on natural occurrences such as the monsoon winds.

It’s Riskier

There have been many cases of boats and ships sinking deep into the oceans, seas, and lakes. This result is a loss of lives and resources.

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