Water transport has the largest carrying capacity and is the ideal model for moving bulky cargo over long distances. This mode of transport plays a significant role in linking different parts of the world and promoting global trade, being divided into several types.

Types of Water Transport

Water transport is divided into two categories: inland water transport and ocean water transport. Let’s look at each.

Inland Water transport

This transport mode involves the movement of goods over minor water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and canals.

Rivers – They are suitable for relatively small boats and big barrages alike. River transport was the dominant means of transport before the development of modern water transport.

Canals – These are artificial water tracks made for navigation and irrigation purposes. Construction and maintenance of canals require intensive capital investment.

Lakes – They can be either natural or artificial.

Ocean Transport

Ocean transport plays a major role in international trade. This mode of transport has knitted together nations of the world into one marketplace. Since the tracks are all-natural, ocean and sea transport is free from track construction and maintenance costs. Ocean transport includes overseas shipping and coastal shipping.

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