Anyone who has actually ever been on a long drive will know just how important it is to wear comfortable clothes. Anything likely to chafe or irritate the skin is best avoided when sitting behind the wheel. With many of us spending 10 hours a week or more driving, comfort is definitely something worth considering the next time you go clothes shopping.

Comfort Clothing Ideas

One of the best clothing options to stay comfortable while driving is designer leggings; these are a relaxed and casual option that can be comfortable when worn for hours at a time. Unlike some other forms of clothing, they allow the wearer total free movement, which is safety-critical on a long drive.

Eye Protection

Anyone who has driven west in the evening or east in the morning will know how difficult it can be to see and concentrate when facing directly into the sun. This is why high-quality sunglasses should be in every driver’s glovebox.

It’s critical to make sure that the sunglasses are suitable for driving, and one of the most important things to remember is not to be too fashion conscious (after all, hardly anyone will be looking at you when you drive!). Avoid sunglasses that are too reflective, as these may allow you to be dazzled by light at critical moments when driving.

Other Things to Think About

Make sure that you will be comfortable when driving by always wearing weather-appropriate clothing. Cars can become very hot and stuffy on long journeys. On the other hand, breaking down at night could lead to a long wait in the cold, so it’s always advisable to keep some warm clothing in the back of the car just in case of emergency. Check the weather forecast before setting out.

A little planning can go a long way, so taking a little bit of time to think about where you’ll be driving, how long you’ll be in the car, and how warm it will be when dressing in the morning really can make all the difference.